The right “foundation”

Its Valentine’s week guys… and one must celebrate it by doing what one loves. For me, these days it’s about sharing as much as I can on my blog. Yayy! 🙂 So read on…

FoundationThis one is all about foundations. Remember that the purpose of using foundations is to create an even, uniform colour to one’s complexion. It does not even out all imperfections on your face. That’s the corrector’s or the concealer’s job.

Types of Foundations 

Choosing the foundation by colours is not the only thing. There are various types of foundations available in the market like liquid, cream, powder & mousse. So how do you know what type of foundation is right for you?

Your skin type, what texture you’re looking for, and what finish you want – sheer, dewy, matt or heavy determine the type of foundation best suited for you. You might want a different foundation for different time of the day or year – depending on how your skin behaves.

While knowing your skin type, also take a good look at the product packages before choosing your foundation. There will be words that indicate what type of skin they are best suited for.

  • Dry Skin –Use hydrating liquids & creams; look for products that say ‘skin nourishing’, ‘skin replenishing’, ‘hydrating’, ‘moisturising’
  • Oily Skin – Use mattifying liquid, cream or powders; look for products that say ‘matt’, ‘mattifying’, ‘shine control’, ‘shine free’
  • Combination Skin – Use liquid or cream across your face & mattify the T-zone with powder

Now, I had always been sort of clueless when it came to mousse, because I never understood what it was until I discovered this:

  • A mousse foundation is simply a liquid foundation with air whipped into it. So it’s a light & fluffy texture & it often sets to a powder finish – perfect for oily skin. However, can be worn widely across all skin types.

Picking up the right shade 

Unless you are doing a contoured, tanned or lightening look, the colour of your foundation should be exactly matching your skin colour. Understand that the skin across your face will never be even in colouring. There are areas that look darker & some lighter. The thing to do is take a closer look to your jawline, neck or chest & look for that foundation colour. And oh yes, test the foundation on your jawline – NEVER on your wrist. If it disappears into the skin, it’s a true match!

A few tips on choosing the right shade:

  • Keep in mind the undertones of your skin (as explained in my earlier blog)
  • Always ask for samples before buying the product – keep the colour on for a while and see how your skin responds to it
  • Check how shade looks on your face in sunlight
  • Take a picture of yourself while wearing the product & see if it looks natural

You can always mix a few shades to achieve your skin’s exact match. There are no proportions – simply mix them & test on your face. In different areas if need be.

Again- foundations are NOT correctors of concealers. Never pile it on your face to get rid of that nasty spot.

Hope this of some help to you while you go shopping for your next foundation. Drop in a comment if you have any queries.

Happy Valentine’s!


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