Multipurpose Lipstick: Look Fresh in under 5 minutes!

Shades-of-LipstickRemember the days when you managed to completely forget about a breakfast meeting with your client or boss? Then you frantically ran around the house to make it on time and ended up looking half asleep with swollen eyes.

Well, there are ways to look fresh, polished & awake (even when you don’t feel all of it) in under 5 minutes, using your favorite Lipstick, Moisturizer, Foundation & Eye pencil! You can do this before you get out of the house, while waiting in traffic jams, or on a quick visit to the rest room before your meeting.

Step 1 (50 seconds): Moisturize your face really well with the product of your choice. Spend the maximum time in applying this as it is the base of your makeup.

Step 2 (40 seconds): Apply a thin layer of your go-to foundation on your face using your ring finger and a light patting motion. The idea is to even out your skin tone. So focus on the areas around your under eyes, nose, lips and mouth, as they usually have the maximum discolouration.  In case you want to conceal anything, simply go over the spot with the foundation and dab it in using your fingers.

Step 3 (30 seconds): Choose your favourite moisturizing, non-matt, bright lipstick (preferably pink or orangey – depending on your skin tone). Using your fingers again, brush a very light layer on the apples of your cheeks just to give them a flushed look. Make sure you hide the harsh lines by really blending it in your skin.

Step 4 (30 seconds): Using the same lipstick, pat on a thin layer your eyelids.

Step 5 (20 seconds): Finally use the lipstick on your lips and build the shade according to the brightness you are comfortable with.

Step 6 (20 seconds): Line your eyes on the inside rim & outer corners using your waterproof eye pencil (Black or dark brown, depending on what you generally use). Smudge it slightly at the corners with your fingers and you won’t miss the mascara at all.

And that’s it!

Putting on makeup doesn’t need to be a difficult, time-consuming chore. With a little bit of know-how, anyone can put on a fabulous face in a jiffy.

Don’t you wish you knew this trick long time back?


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