That Lash Effect

MascaraWho doesn’t love that perfectly curled lash effect! Of course you can use false eyelashes, but for everyday wear, a mascara can do the trick if used correctly. After doing full research & actually practicing tricks to master the full lash effect, sharing these with you.

The Basics

  • Always curl your eyelashes before putting on mascara
  • Wiggling the wand in a zig-zag motion right at the roots of the lashes makes voluminous lashes
  • You may coat your lashes with mascara 2-3 times, depending on the intensity you want to achieve
  • In case you manage to put dots of mascara across your lid, don’t panic & wait for it to dry out. Once its dry, simply use a cotton bud to swipe dots out
  • Do not pump in the wand in & out of the bottle too much – this pushes air into the tube which makes the mascara dry out faster
  • Discard your mascara every 3-6 months

The Pro Tricks

  • Warm it up – If your mascara is starting to feel a little dry, add a few drops of saline solution to it and place the sealed tube in a cup of warm water. Saline solution revives flaky formulas and the warmth loosens up the product, allowing for smooth application.
  • Look down – As illogical as it may seem, most of us tend to look directly at the mirror and then upwards while putting on mascara or any eye makeup. Next time, try looking down at the mirror- You’ll be able to see what you’re doing better.
  • Blink – Blinking softly once you reach the tips of the lashes allows you to cover the topsides in mascara. Only do this for one coat to avoid clumps.
  • Hold the wand vertically – Flip the wand vertically when applying mascara to your bottom lashes. It’s easier to reach those small hairs from this angle. You’ll be able to coat them in mascara all the way down to the tips without getting mascara dots everywhere.
  • Use your finger – Gently press on your eyelid with your finger when applying mascara to your upper lashes. This pops them out slightly, but just enough so that you can get the wand right into the base of the roots. Your finger also shields your eyelid from stray marks.
  • Get a clump-free application – Lightly clean off your mascara wand with a paper towel first. Wiping off the excess product before you begin prevents clumps. If you do get a clump, use a clean spoolie to brush them out.
  • Powder your lashes
    • Do this between your first & second coat of mascara
    • Take an eye shadow brush, dust powder very lightly on the lashes (any loose powder or even baby powder will work)
    • The powder sticks to your lashes and the next coat of mascara grabs onto that layer
    • The result is fuller, thicker lashes that last longer

Do you have any other effective tips to share for the perfect mascara? Do add on to my list.


3 thoughts on “That Lash Effect

    1. Sure Shikha, Max Factor’s False Lash Effect & Maybelline Volume Express are highly recommended. They give you that fanned out effect & also are very economical. Do test them before buying & let me know how you like them!


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