“What are Primers?” “Do they really make any difference?” “How & where do I use them?” “How do I choose the right primer for myself?” – If you have had any of these questions in your mind & never could really ask anyone or if you never got a satisfactory answer, this one is for you! Read on!

Primers, I believe are makeup saviors! They fill out the imperfections in texture of the skin like lines, pores etc. and give a smooth surface on which foundation can be applied with better results as compared to being applied on bare skin. They are generally liquid or cream based formulations.

How & when to use?

  • After using moisturizer and/or sunscreen, wait a few minutes for the products to sink in and then apply the primer in small dots all over the face and neck leaving out the eye and lip area (There are specific eye primers & lip primers available in the market – you may use them on these areas)
  • Use your fingers or a brush to blend the product & massage it into your skin till it’s completely absorbed
  • Use before applying foundation/powders to your face so as to smoothen/ brighten/ mattify your skin and prepare it for foundation


  • Helps the foundation to apply more easily and smoothly
  • Helps the makeup to last longer
  • Also performs other functions like oil control, skin tightening, brightening depending on which type of primer you use

There are various types of primers available in the market such as Mattyfing Primers, Pore Minimising, Brightening, Smoothening, etc. They are quite self-explanatory & you should buy them only depending on your need.


Choosing the right primer:

  • If you have really oily skin and your major concern is oil control and large open pores, the best option for you is Pore Minimizing Primers and Mattifiers such as MAC Oil Control LotionL’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer, Clinique Pore Minimizers, etc.
  • If you have no major skin issues but just need something to extend the wear time of your foundation, smoothening primers are the best choice for your skin such as MAC Prep+PrimeInglot Make Up Base, etc.
  • If you need some extra glow or your skin is prone to dullness, an illuminating or brightening primer is the best for your skin type such as Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Now, if someone told me about the importance of Primers a few years back, I would never go buy them. Its only after I tried it on did I realize the amount of difference it made to my skin & makeup. For everyday use, I absolutely love my MAC Prep+Prime – It actually helps my makeup stay on much longer!

I suggest you do the same. Always do a few test trials at home before using ANY new makeup product for the first time for a big event to make sure the formula works. Take a few pictures to see how it looks in flash photos so that there are no unpleasant surprizes on the D-day! If you’re not sure how a product will react to your skin, always ask for samples, try it on for a few times & only then invest in them.

Hope this urges you to go pick up your first primer & guides you if you already own one. Drop in a comment for any queries!


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