Sweat-Proof Your Makeup

Sweat Proof MakeupThe inclination to wear makeup every day is directly proportional to the temperature outside. Understandably so… you don’t want to be sweating & have your makeup trickle down at the same time throughout the day. Here is some good news – there are ways to avoid this. The most important being using minimum products, ones that are waterproof & not oil based.

  1. Rub a cube of ice all over your face before putting on any products. This helps close the pores & minimizes oil secretion.
  2. Go for the Primer – this will help your makeup sit much longer on your skin through the day. Click here to know more about Primers
  3. For the base – Avoid using liquid foundations as they tend to melt & cake. Choose either one of these options:
    • Opt for light weight cream based foundations or mousses
    • Opt for tinted moisturizers or BB creams that already have sufficient amount of have SPF
  4. Cream eye shadows & blushes offer a formula that helps it absorb in to skin and last all day compared to powders. Utilize them during summers.
  5. Lip & cheek stains work absolute wonders. They give that colour & yet do not feel heavy on skin. The Body Shop lip & cheek stain in the shade Rose Pink is one of my favourites! It looks very natural & is something I like to wear to work everyday.
  6. If you are not a fan of stains on the lips, go for matt lipsticks
  7. Use waterproof mascaras & kohls/ eye pencils
  8. Using any translucent powder to set your t-zone goes a long way

Do you have more ideas & tips we could use? Do share!



When you just start learning something for the first time, let alone makeup, you are bound to go wrong. The brilliance of makeup is that you can see instant &/or better outcome once you correct the mistakes. For instance, let’s consider this situation:

  • You were getting really late for work
  • You tried to quickly do your makeup because you want to feel good about yourself in an otherwise stressful day
  • You completely misjudge your eye shape & your eye shadow is all over

What do you do now? Do you wash it out completely & rush to work, or be smarter & fix the mistake?

Fixing it is much easier & I will show you how:

Eyeshadow Fixing

(The objective of the pictorial representation is to show the trick & not the eyeshadow application technique)

What I did there is very simple & quick. Using a wet tissue, I cleaned the outer corner of the eyes with just one swipe & that enhanced the eye shape.

Similarly, you can use cotton buds or Q-tips dipped in eye makeup remover & fix eyeliners that easily can go wrong.

Hope you find this trick helpful. Let me know in the comments below!

Put your Bright Lips On!

Bright LipsSummer calls for bright colours, doesn’t it? Be it in your wardrobe, nails, bags, shoes, or lipsticks. I am personally in love with matte bright shades of lipstick for some time now. Obviously you cannot wear in-your-face red, pink, orange or coral lips to work – but no harm embracing these shades outside office.

The only annoying thing about these shades is the stain it may leave even after removing it, owing to its heavy pigmentation. After all, you would not want the first person you meet in the morning to guess the shade of lipstick you wore the night before!

So anyways, I tried lots of makeup removers, but the trick that I am about to tell you, just never fails. It removes the lipstick stain like a dream!


OLIVE OIL – That’s right. No makeup remover beats olive oil. All you need to do is damp cotton with it & gently swipe it across your lips. Not only does it instantly remove the product, but also conditions your lips.

You can also use this trick if you accidentally overdraw your lips. Take a cotton bud, dip it in olive oil & remove the extra product from around your lips.

Try it once if you haven’t yet, & tell me how it was. If you know of any other cool tricks, let me know in the comments below.