When you just start learning something for the first time, let alone makeup, you are bound to go wrong. The brilliance of makeup is that you can see instant &/or better outcome once you correct the mistakes. For instance, let’s consider this situation:

  • You were getting really late for work
  • You tried to quickly do your makeup because you want to feel good about yourself in an otherwise stressful day
  • You completely misjudge your eye shape & your eye shadow is all over

What do you do now? Do you wash it out completely & rush to work, or be smarter & fix the mistake?

Fixing it is much easier & I will show you how:

Eyeshadow Fixing

(The objective of the pictorial representation is to show the trick & not the eyeshadow application technique)

What I did there is very simple & quick. Using a wet tissue, I cleaned the outer corner of the eyes with just one swipe & that enhanced the eye shape.

Similarly, you can use cotton buds or Q-tips dipped in eye makeup remover & fix eyeliners that easily can go wrong.

Hope you find this trick helpful. Let me know in the comments below!


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