Sweat-Proof Your Makeup

Sweat Proof MakeupThe inclination to wear makeup every day is directly proportional to the temperature outside. Understandably so… you don’t want to be sweating & have your makeup trickle down at the same time throughout the day. Here is some good news – there are ways to avoid this. The most important being using minimum products, ones that are waterproof & not oil based.

  1. Rub a cube of ice all over your face before putting on any products. This helps close the pores & minimizes oil secretion.
  2. Go for the Primer – this will help your makeup sit much longer on your skin through the day. Click here to know more about Primers
  3. For the base – Avoid using liquid foundations as they tend to melt & cake. Choose either one of these options:
    • Opt for light weight cream based foundations or mousses
    • Opt for tinted moisturizers or BB creams that already have sufficient amount of have SPF
  4. Cream eye shadows & blushes offer a formula that helps it absorb in to skin and last all day compared to powders. Utilize them during summers.
  5. Lip & cheek stains work absolute wonders. They give that colour & yet do not feel heavy on skin. The Body Shop lip & cheek stain in the shade Rose Pink is one of my favourites! It looks very natural & is something I like to wear to work everyday.
  6. If you are not a fan of stains on the lips, go for matt lipsticks
  7. Use waterproof mascaras & kohls/ eye pencils
  8. Using any translucent powder to set your t-zone goes a long way

Do you have more ideas & tips we could use? Do share!


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