Wear Contacts and Love makeup?

Contact LensesAgree. Contact Lenses are god’s gift for those who don’t like wearing glasses every day. But they could be quite a nuisance for those who love wearing makeup at work, since it may lead to irritation, wateriness, and itchiness. The good news is, you can avoid the red teary eyes AND wear contact lenses AND feel pretty – all at once! Follow these few tips.

1) Oil-free products

Opt for oil-free products (such as concealers, eye liners, makeup removers) especially for your eyes to avoid a blurry vision and cloudy lens. Invest in products that have words like ‘Matt’, ‘mattifying’, ‘shine control’, ‘shine free’.Oil Free Products

2) Cream, not Powder

Powder shadows can slip between lashes & into your eyes causing irritation. Chuck those, & instead go for oil free cream eye shadows.


3) Be Mascara smart

You will need to be extra careful with the mascara you use. While thick formulas that dry stiff may give great volume to your lashes, it may flake through the day & settle in your eyes. Go for more traditional mascaras or the ones that don’t clump. Good practice is to always try the product before buying & see how it suits you through the day.
Estee Lauder

4) Say no to Pencil

Your traditional kohl pencils may tug at your lid and irritate. Try a smooth gel formula instead. However, always check if the one you choose is safe for the waterline.

Gel Liners

Hope you find these helpful! Have more tips? Do add on in the comments.


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