Underestimated “Little Nothings”

Hello everyone! I am back! To all of you who have been checking with me on why I stopped blogging & have been encouraging me to keep writing, BIG HUG!

This one is dedicated to little things we generally tend to ignore or underestimate, but can actually turn out to be the most amazing tools while doing your everyday makeup… especially if your routine has limited number of brushes. That’s right… I am taking about Q-tips/ Cotton Swabs/ Ear Buds/ whatever-else-you-may-be-calling these:


Believe me, just try the following tips while doing your makeup and you will never look at these little nothings in the same way again.

1)The Perfect Flick



I am sure I have mentioned this in one of my earlier posts… If you never get your cat-eye flick right, simply dip the Q-tip in a makeup remover & gently swipe the line to get the cleanest flick you will ever make.

2) Stay Where You Are

If your lipstick tends to have a mind of its own & feathers everywhere, take that Q-tip dipped in makeup remover & first use it to create a precise line around your lips. Now dip a clean Q-tip in translucent powder, trace it around your lipstick & it will stay where it is.

3) Quick Smoky Eye, DIY

Smoky Eye

Apply your favourite eyeliner (pencil/gel) on your eye lids, & use the Q-tip to gently smudge it out. No brushes required!

4) Bye-Bye Cakey-Creasy

4-5 hours down, and your makeup starts falling apart… What do you do? That’s right, dip the Q-tip in your eye cream & gently sweep it where it’s creasing & see the magic.

5) Fat Lash, Here I Come


Worry no more. Use a Q-tip dipped in translucent power over those sparse thin lashes & sweep from root to tip before applying your mascara as usual. Notice an instant thickening effect.

Have more ideas to use these for everyday makeup? Do share here.

Oh… and lookout for my next blog post next Sunday!


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