The Lippy Affair

What is the one product that all of us tend to reach for, especially with the slightest hint of winter in the air? That’s right – a decent lip balm. What we generally expect it to do is repair & protect chapped or dry lips. But some of the lip balms simply pose as a thick sticky layer on flaky lips. If you relate to this feeling, know that I am writing this post just for you.

Yes, it is possible for a tiny little lip balm to help you get those perfectly moisturized, healthy & non-greasy lips. The ones that instantly make you feel like a diva at work. Listing down a few things below you must keep in mind for that. But first things first, always try before you buy! If you notice that the dryness on lips still persists; or the balm has gathered in the corner of your lips; or your lips feel heavy; or your hair sticks to the balm on your lips, DO NOT BUY it.

  • Say no to Waxy Lips

Your lips balm may contain wax, but it should not cover your lips such that they can’t breathe!

Waxy Lips

  • Not worth it if your lips don’t absorb it  

Layer on lips

  • Contains SPF & has flavours? It’s the cherry on top


What brand to buy, you ask?

I have tried a lot of lip balms from various brands, and I still swear by my original Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.


Hands down, it’s the best balm for my lips. But I am not a fan of the Vaseline Lip Therapy sticks & would not recommend them.

All the lip balms you see below are my personal favourites & keep my lips hydrated for longer period of time without being sticky.

Lip Balms

So which ones are your favourites? Do let me know in the comments below.