Rocking the Glasses

eyeglassSo you wear glasses every day to work… Is that the reason you don’t wear any makeup thinking it won’t really show? Well, think again. Follow these few tips to rock the “Glasses Look”.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to first figure out if you want your eyes to look bigger or smaller. For this, wear your glasses and look closely at a mirror:

If you are far-sighted, your glasses would be magnified & your eyes look bigger than what they are

If you are short-sighted, your eyes look smaller than what they are

Once you have established this, half the job is done. It’s more about the technique than the colours. Now use either of the following to effectively apply your eye makeup.

How to make your eyes look bigger:

  • Define your crease with a medium brown matt eye shadow & use shimmery colour on your lids & blend it well
  • Highlight the inner corner of your eyes to make them look lifted & awake
  • Draw a thin line with your liner along the base of your eye lids to frame your eyes. Then flick it out to elongate your eyes.
  • Keep the water line clean or use a nude/white eye pencil
  • Curl your eye lashes so they don’t press against the glasses & use few coats of waterproof volumizing mascara. This will make your eye look wider & open instantly.

How to make your eyes look smaller:

  • Apply darker eye shadow on the outer eye lids in a C-shape & a shimmery one on your lids. The darker the color, the less light will reflect off the surface of the eyelid, making them appear smaller.
  • Draw a line with your liner/ eye pencil on the base of your eye lids & smoke it out slightly use a smudge brush to soften the black
  • Use the liner/ eye pencil close to your lower lashes as well & smudge it out. You may apply some on your water line as well, depending on how comfortable you are with it.
  • Curl your eye lashes so they don’t press against the glasses. Choose a mascara that really separate your lashes.

You face makeup isn’t drastically different when wearing glasses, but do keep in mind:

  • Choose your foundation according to your skin type (The right “foundation”)
  • Use less foundation on your nose to avoid dent marks caused by glasses
  • Choose a light reflective concealer around the eyes to avoid shadow caused by glasses
  • Frame your eyes better by grooming your eye brows according to your face shape

Have more concerns on this topic that I might not have covered above or have more tips? Do drop in a comment.