4 Products You Can Carry Everywhere

Does anyone face this problem or is it just me? I don’t like carrying tonnes of makeup in my office bag or for an outing. Not only does it add to the weight, but one cannot possibly fit in all favourite products. At the same time, I cannot leave home without products I absolutely need or can blindly count on! So this is my take on products that are light weight, do not take too my space & helps me look as put together as possible.

4 Products_Carry Everywhere

  1. Kajal/ Kohl/ Eye Pencil

This can be a basic black or brown or blue, depending on your preference. A good kohl pencil is a must have product and can completely transform you. Wear a minimum amount during day time & amp it up according to your eye shape for night time.

  1. Lip & Cheek Blush/ Stains

Nothing like one product that can do two things! Choose the texture & shade you like from any brand you like & glow from within after wearing them. Because these are liquid/ cream formulations, they look dewy on the skin. On the other hand, you could also choose to carry one lipstick that could be used as blush & eyeshadow. Check out this link on how to do that.

  1. Mascara

Go for a volumizing or lash extension one, as per your requirement. Check out this link on how to correctly use a mascara.

  1. Concealer

This is just in case you have any dark spots/ blemishes/ redness you want to quick get rid of.

And voila! You can totally manage with these. What are the products that you can’t stay without? Let me know in the comments below.