When you just start learning something for the first time, let alone makeup, you are bound to go wrong. The brilliance of makeup is that you can see instant &/or better outcome once you correct the mistakes. For instance, let’s consider this situation:

  • You were getting really late for work
  • You tried to quickly do your makeup because you want to feel good about yourself in an otherwise stressful day
  • You completely misjudge your eye shape & your eye shadow is all over

What do you do now? Do you wash it out completely & rush to work, or be smarter & fix the mistake?

Fixing it is much easier & I will show you how:

Eyeshadow Fixing

(The objective of the pictorial representation is to show the trick & not the eyeshadow application technique)

What I did there is very simple & quick. Using a wet tissue, I cleaned the outer corner of the eyes with just one swipe & that enhanced the eye shape.

Similarly, you can use cotton buds or Q-tips dipped in eye makeup remover & fix eyeliners that easily can go wrong.

Hope you find this trick helpful. Let me know in the comments below!


Put your Bright Lips On!

Bright LipsSummer calls for bright colours, doesn’t it? Be it in your wardrobe, nails, bags, shoes, or lipsticks. I am personally in love with matte bright shades of lipstick for some time now. Obviously you cannot wear in-your-face red, pink, orange or coral lips to work – but no harm embracing these shades outside office.

The only annoying thing about these shades is the stain it may leave even after removing it, owing to its heavy pigmentation. After all, you would not want the first person you meet in the morning to guess the shade of lipstick you wore the night before!

So anyways, I tried lots of makeup removers, but the trick that I am about to tell you, just never fails. It removes the lipstick stain like a dream!


OLIVE OIL – That’s right. No makeup remover beats olive oil. All you need to do is damp cotton with it & gently swipe it across your lips. Not only does it instantly remove the product, but also conditions your lips.

You can also use this trick if you accidentally overdraw your lips. Take a cotton bud, dip it in olive oil & remove the extra product from around your lips.

Try it once if you haven’t yet, & tell me how it was. If you know of any other cool tricks, let me know in the comments below.

Dark Circles… No More!

Do you suffer from “panda eyes” thanks to the extremely persistent dark circles? If yes, use this trick only once if you haven’t yet, and you will thank me for introducing it to you. No – it’s not the commonly known tea bags, or frozen spoons tricks (which also work very well). This is a makeup trick – using the colour Orange!


I’m not kidding – remember concealing & correcting from my earlier post? I thought this one needs little more attention.

Now, keep the colour wheel in mind while you read further. The dark circles under your eyes are usually a mix of blue & grey colours. When we use the shade directly opposite to blue in the colour wheel, which is Orange, we neutralize the dark circles.

There are lots of brands that sell orange ‘colour correctors’ you can select from. I use the Kryolan Supracolor 303. But in case you don’t want to invest in one, you can use an orange lipstick (creamy, not matt) & it will work just fine.

3-step Application Technique & Process:

  • Correct: Apply the orange corrector all around the under eyes (preferably in an inverted triangle shape) using your finger or a brush, making sure you don’t miss the tricky inner corners – Since this is the first product you are applying, application is easy. Just make sure the product is well blended & is covering all the darkness.
  • Conceal: Use a concealer a shade lighter that your skin tone & apply it over the orange corrector using dabbing motion with your finger or a brush. Do not drag the concealer, else you will disturb the orange corrector below it & end up looking muddy.
  • Powder: Use a translucent powder or pressed powder – dab & pack the corrector & concealer with this from outer corner of the eye to inwards, so as to minimizing chances of any creases & to make sure it stays longer.

It’s that simple! Trust me & do this at least once to know the effect it has. In fact, with the Mother’s Day coming up, you could probably use this trick for your moms & make them feel pampered & pretty as well!

In case of any queries, do drop in a comment.


“What are Primers?” “Do they really make any difference?” “How & where do I use them?” “How do I choose the right primer for myself?” – If you have had any of these questions in your mind & never could really ask anyone or if you never got a satisfactory answer, this one is for you! Read on!

Primers, I believe are makeup saviors! They fill out the imperfections in texture of the skin like lines, pores etc. and give a smooth surface on which foundation can be applied with better results as compared to being applied on bare skin. They are generally liquid or cream based formulations.

How & when to use?

  • After using moisturizer and/or sunscreen, wait a few minutes for the products to sink in and then apply the primer in small dots all over the face and neck leaving out the eye and lip area (There are specific eye primers & lip primers available in the market – you may use them on these areas)
  • Use your fingers or a brush to blend the product & massage it into your skin till it’s completely absorbed
  • Use before applying foundation/powders to your face so as to smoothen/ brighten/ mattify your skin and prepare it for foundation


  • Helps the foundation to apply more easily and smoothly
  • Helps the makeup to last longer
  • Also performs other functions like oil control, skin tightening, brightening depending on which type of primer you use

There are various types of primers available in the market such as Mattyfing Primers, Pore Minimising, Brightening, Smoothening, etc. They are quite self-explanatory & you should buy them only depending on your need.


Choosing the right primer:

  • If you have really oily skin and your major concern is oil control and large open pores, the best option for you is Pore Minimizing Primers and Mattifiers such as MAC Oil Control LotionL’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer, Clinique Pore Minimizers, etc.
  • If you have no major skin issues but just need something to extend the wear time of your foundation, smoothening primers are the best choice for your skin such as MAC Prep+PrimeInglot Make Up Base, etc.
  • If you need some extra glow or your skin is prone to dullness, an illuminating or brightening primer is the best for your skin type such as Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Now, if someone told me about the importance of Primers a few years back, I would never go buy them. Its only after I tried it on did I realize the amount of difference it made to my skin & makeup. For everyday use, I absolutely love my MAC Prep+Prime – It actually helps my makeup stay on much longer!

I suggest you do the same. Always do a few test trials at home before using ANY new makeup product for the first time for a big event to make sure the formula works. Take a few pictures to see how it looks in flash photos so that there are no unpleasant surprizes on the D-day! If you’re not sure how a product will react to your skin, always ask for samples, try it on for a few times & only then invest in them.

Hope this urges you to go pick up your first primer & guides you if you already own one. Drop in a comment for any queries!

White Lines

Are you also totally addicted to kajals & eye pencils? I cannot seem to leave the house without wearing my black kajal! On days when I am travelling & forget my eye pencil (very rare scenario!), my eyes feel sort of naked. I know how weird it sounds, but if you are a kajal/ eye pencil person, you will understand the feeling. :-p

While I experiment a lot with different eye pencil shades like brown, blue, green & silver, I never really understood the purpose of a white eye pencil until I actually learnt it. Ironically, my friends were as much “in the dark” as I used to be when it came to white eye pencils!

The white lines, when used correctly, have multiple uses – adds extra brightness to your eyes, helps you to look more awake, acts as an eyeshadow base, gives your eyebrows some definition, & so on. This baby is fast turning into my “must have” products! I will try & list down the most popular uses:

  • If you don’t wear kajal too often, simply line your waterline with the white eye pencil for brighter looking eyes. For the rest who are as addicted as I am, you could use black on top of your lids & white on the waterline & feel at peace.


  • Add a small amount to the inner corner of your eyes & smudge to look more awake (especially if you have a presentation to give after staying awake an entire night to complete it!). This technique is particular brilliant for those with close set eyes, as the white colour helps create an illusion of more space between your two eyes.
  • Line your eye lids with your black liner as usual. Then use a white liner & trace it right above the black for that sexy dual liner look.

Dual Liner

  • If you are someone who loves the winged eye look, or something more dramatic, try the white pencil at the outer corner of the eyes to separate the upper & lower wing.


  • Use the white pencil right on your brow bone to highlight your eyes
  • Use it underneath your eyeshadow as a base to make your eyeshadow color pop
  • If you have thin lips, try this trick next time. Apply a thin layer above your cupids bow & below the lower lip. Blend it with your finger to make your lips appear fuller.

Close up on face of young woman with eyes closed

Embrace the white pencil girls! Do try these tricks & let me know which one works best for you. Also add on more tricks to this list for me to try!

“Makeup” is just the Cherry on Top

Features2 (1)“Don’t be confused. The makeup I wear doesn’t make me beautiful. I AM beautiful, makeup is just the cherry on top!” 😉

This I believe is the whole purpose of everyday makeup! But let’s face it- Even though most of us would like to or wish to wear makeup everyday to office, we might not have the time to do our full face in spite of knowing all the tricks of the trade.

The alternative – focus only on your best features & save time! 

People who focus on the positives are happier than those who focus on their flaws. So, it’s only right that you focus on your best features, especially when in hurry, & make yourself happier and more confident in your appearance.

If you don’t already know what your best facial feature is, think of the feature that has gotten you the most compliments or on the one that you love the most – it could be your eyes, cheekbones, lips, whichever.

Now it’s very simple. Read on, & you will get the hang of it.

  • Eyes: Have you been blessed with lovely eyes or long lashes? Play up these features by applying your favourite eye shadow on your lids and light shimmery shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Define them by applying a thin waterproof eye liner. Apply mascara to both your upper and lower lash to open up your eyes.

If you are someone who likes to wear kohl pencil/ kajal every day, you could also opt for a soft smoky corporate look:

– Thicken the kajal on the water line & eye lids very slightly

– Use a smudging brush & smudge out the line

– Take a lighter eyeshadow shade (eg. If you are using a black kajal pencil, use a dark brown eye shadow) & using an angular brush, draw over the smudged out kajal

– Blend all of it really well

…And you’re good to go! Always go easy on your lip colour when playing up your eyes.

  • Lips: Have the best lips? My my, you’re lucky! Choose a bright lip colour or one that flatters your skin tone. Highlight your cupids bow using a highlighter and line your lips to give it more definition. Ofcourse, go light on the eyes & cheeks, if at all.
  • Bone structure: If you were born with a model bone structure, you need to make the best out of them! Using a highlighter or concealer, highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, under your brow bone, the center of your chin and just above your lips.
  • Skin: Have that flawless skin that every lady is dying for? Choose foundations that use phrases like “glow” and “luminous” that will help enhance your beautiful skin. Use a blush just to give life to those cheeks & a gloss your lips.

These are just a few tips on how you can enhance your best features. Don’t be afraid to play with your makeup products & create looks that you can wear everyday to office.

Brush it right!

Of all the workshops I have conducted recently, the most common thing I have been asked is “how do you know when to use which brush?” or “Do I need to buy sooo many brushes?” or other similar questions. So I thought why not blog it out for you!

I understand that it can be intimidating to go to a beauty store & try to pick up the right makeup brush; or to already own 10 types of brushes & not knowing how to use them. With so many types of makeup brushes available in the market & little explanation of what each stands for, the process of choosing can be quite frustrating.

Let me start with telling you that using fingers for applying makeup it absolutely cool – It really helps blend the makeup into the skin. But for any sort of precision application, makeup brushes are the most useful & quick when used correctly. There are different types of brushes available for your face, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes & lips. I am listing below the few selected ones that I think you could invest in for everyday use:

  • Powder Brush/ Powder Puff – Use the brush to apply any sort of powder to set your foundation. Use the puff in case you plan to wear make up for a longer time – It helps set the base better.

Powder-Brush-SwatchPowder Puff

  • Concealer Brush – This is firm & narrow brush that is tapered at the end – Allows patting the concealer on a concentrated area.

Concealer Blush

  • Stippling Brush/ Duo Fibre Brush – This brush is a blend of synthetic fibers and goat hair. It is used for light powder, liquid or cream products. It picks up any sort of access product & gives you an airbrushed look.

Stippling Brush

  • Contour Brush – This one is used for applying a darker colour of blush and or bronzers to the contour areas for an extremely chiselled look.

Contour Brush

  • Eye shadow blending brush – It helps to blend the shadow on to the lid professionally, & also helps different colours fade into one another.

Eyeshadow Blending Blush

  • Angled Eye Brush – This one is my personal favourite! It can be used as an eyeliner as well as a brow brush. Its fine tip works very well to get those precise lines.

Angled eyeliner

You would need Eye shadow brush & a Blush brush as well, but lots of brands provide these with the palette itself, so choose your products wisely! If you like smoky eyes, opt for eye pencils that have a smudge brush at the other end.

Do reach out to me in case you would like to know more about any other makeup brushes you may have.


“Eyeing” the perfect look

We all know that we should choose our clothes according to our body shape. But did you know that we should also choose our eye makeup depending on our eye shape? Think about it… makes so much sense!

A look that looks amazing on your friend might not be great for you. If you want a look that emphasizes your gorgeous beautiful eyes, it’s essential to know your eye shape first.

Now there are six main eye shapes: Monolid, Upturned, Downturned, Hooded, Round & Almond.

Eye shapes

How do you figure your eye shape? Read on…. Ask yourself these simple questions:

1) Do you have a crease?

‘Crease’ is the indentation (or a line) right at the top of your lids.

If you answer no, then you have monolid eyes.

2) If you were to put a pencil across your eye, does the outer corner of the eye look like its lifting up or pulling down?

If it’s lifting up, you have upturned eyes; 

If it’s pulling down, you have downturned eyes. 

If your eyes don’t really pull either ways, then ask yourself…

3) Is your crease visible?

If no, your eyes are hooded; 

If yes, take a really close look at your eyes…

4) Can you see the whites of your eyes framing your iris (coloured part of the eye) fully when your eyes are opened normally?

If yes, then you have round eyes;

If no, then you have almond eyes

Now that you know your eye shape, let’s see how you can best accentuate them.

  • Monolid eyes – Sweep a light shade across the entire lid. To create an illusion of a crease, apply a medium shade above the lid & contour. Line the upper lashline with a dark matte shade to accentuate & define the eyes.

Create definition & dimension

  •  Upturned eyes (perfect for smoky eye look)– Enhance the lid surface by applying a light shade on the inner half & a medium shade on the outer half of the eye. Line the outer corner of the upper & lower lash line with a darker shade.

Emphasize upward lift & enhance symmetry

  • Downturned eyes (perfect for Cat eye look) – The idea is to lift the eyes up with strategic shadowing. Sweep a light shade across the lid & inner corners. Apply a darker shade on the outer corner to lift it up. Line only the outer part of the upper lashline & add mascara.

Accentuate & shape the outer corner of the eye

  • Hooded eyes – Sweep a light shade across the entire lid. Blend a medium shade to the crease, diffusing upwards. Line the upper lash line with a dark matt shade blending upwards.

Enhance visible eyelid space

  • Round eyes – Sweep a light shade across the lid upto the crease. Apply a medium shade to the outer corner of the upper & lower lash line. Using a dark shade, line upper lash line extending out & up at the corner to elongate the width of the eye.

Elongate the width to maximize the shape

  • Almond eyes (Most versatile shape for any look you want to achieve)  – Sweep a light shade across the entire lid. To add depth & make eyes pop, apply a medium shade to the outer corner. Using a dark shade, line the upper & lower lashes.

Increase depth & intensity

These are some of the most basic looks you can achieve. Of course there are many more techniques to highlight your eyes!

Drop in a comment for any queries.

That Lash Effect

MascaraWho doesn’t love that perfectly curled lash effect! Of course you can use false eyelashes, but for everyday wear, a mascara can do the trick if used correctly. After doing full research & actually practicing tricks to master the full lash effect, sharing these with you.

The Basics

  • Always curl your eyelashes before putting on mascara
  • Wiggling the wand in a zig-zag motion right at the roots of the lashes makes voluminous lashes
  • You may coat your lashes with mascara 2-3 times, depending on the intensity you want to achieve
  • In case you manage to put dots of mascara across your lid, don’t panic & wait for it to dry out. Once its dry, simply use a cotton bud to swipe dots out
  • Do not pump in the wand in & out of the bottle too much – this pushes air into the tube which makes the mascara dry out faster
  • Discard your mascara every 3-6 months

The Pro Tricks

  • Warm it up – If your mascara is starting to feel a little dry, add a few drops of saline solution to it and place the sealed tube in a cup of warm water. Saline solution revives flaky formulas and the warmth loosens up the product, allowing for smooth application.
  • Look down – As illogical as it may seem, most of us tend to look directly at the mirror and then upwards while putting on mascara or any eye makeup. Next time, try looking down at the mirror- You’ll be able to see what you’re doing better.
  • Blink – Blinking softly once you reach the tips of the lashes allows you to cover the topsides in mascara. Only do this for one coat to avoid clumps.
  • Hold the wand vertically – Flip the wand vertically when applying mascara to your bottom lashes. It’s easier to reach those small hairs from this angle. You’ll be able to coat them in mascara all the way down to the tips without getting mascara dots everywhere.
  • Use your finger – Gently press on your eyelid with your finger when applying mascara to your upper lashes. This pops them out slightly, but just enough so that you can get the wand right into the base of the roots. Your finger also shields your eyelid from stray marks.
  • Get a clump-free application – Lightly clean off your mascara wand with a paper towel first. Wiping off the excess product before you begin prevents clumps. If you do get a clump, use a clean spoolie to brush them out.
  • Powder your lashes
    • Do this between your first & second coat of mascara
    • Take an eye shadow brush, dust powder very lightly on the lashes (any loose powder or even baby powder will work)
    • The powder sticks to your lashes and the next coat of mascara grabs onto that layer
    • The result is fuller, thicker lashes that last longer

Do you have any other effective tips to share for the perfect mascara? Do add on to my list.